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Welcome To The Podiatric Practice of Issam Mansour, DMP

Committed to excellence in foot and ankle care

Having healthy feet and ankles, free of aches and pain, will help you look and feel better. Taking care of your feet today will help keep you active for the rest of your life.

Throughout the years, healthy feet can help you maintain proper posture, have a younger-looking body, and avoid discomfort and health problems connected with knee, hip and lower back pain. Today’s Podiatry makes it easier than ever to keep your feet and ankles healthy for a lifetime.

Here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Care Center it is our goal to treat your medical needs with our expertise.

Our Comprehensive Services include:

Medical and Surgical Treatment Of:

Our staff is highly qualified to provide care for all ages. We listen to our patients and provide them with the most effective treatment plan available. We take pride in our ability to administer the highest quality of care available in a caring and gentle manner. Furthermore, our facilities incorporate high quality equipment in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

In addition to medical care, we strive to keep our patients informed. We provide our patients with all options of treatment and take the time to ensure that they are educated about these choices. Patients deserve to be informed in order to make the best possible choice for treatment. Our website expresses this goal by providing many sources of patient education. Please see our PATIENT INFORMATION source located on the left side of this page.

What Our Patients Say

“Dr. Mansour was great, he saw my son and spend enough time explaining to us how he developed flat feet and how he can correct it. Surgery was fast and now my son can out run me. Dr. Mansour and his staff were very supportive and knowledgeable. I highly recomend him.”

“I had an ingrown nail, and Dr Mansour saw me the same day, he explained everything to me before numbing my toe. The whole procedure was quick and painless. This was the best doctor visit.”
Lee, Westland

“Dr. Mansour and his staff were great. The office has a very friendly atmosphere. I was very pleased with services that I received. :)”
thismamaof2, Novi